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  5. Colin Weatherby – The Brittas Empire

The walking disaster area of Whitbury New Town leisure centre is played by the now rarely seen Mike Burns. If there is an accident waiting to happen you can rest assured that it will usually happen to the hapless Colin or to someone else of which he is the cause. Colin usually starts his working day sporting a brand new illness or ailment that will affect his ability to fulfil his daily duties and he must be the least healthy person to ever work in a leisure centre. A hand shake with Colin usually ends up with the other person pealing off a sticky piece of dirty looking bandage from a hand that has been festering away from day one.

4. Mrs Warboys – One Foot in the Grave

Warboys (played by Doreen Mantle) is a friend of the Meldrews from when she
lived in the same street as them, after the Meldrews house is destroyed by fire
and they move away she remains a friend, although more with Margaret than
Victor who see’s her as a nuisance. She is one of those tedious people who end
up showing you every one of their countless holiday photographs and retell
their holiday experience in extreme detail. She often gets things wrong and
this leads to many hilarious situations and problems for the beleaguered Victor
Meldrew, such as the time when she eventually persuades Victor to take on a
deceased neighbour’s dog. Despite not being keen at first he ends up agreeing
to take the dog and spends a small fortune building a kennel and buying food,
but it turns out that the dog is stuffed and Mrs. Warboys assumed that the
Meldrews new this as everybody else did.

  3. Father Jack Hackett – Father Ted

The crass, drunken priest from Channel Four’s religious sitcom Father Ted (played by Frank Kelly) often steals the scene away from Dermot Morgan who played the eponymous title character with usually a single word. Those words are usually taken from a list that includes: Drink, feck, arse, and girls although he does occasionally manage to string a small sentence together. Known to get violent if someone comes between him and his booze he has learnt to make do when no proper alcohol is available, and it is often eluded to that he has a taste for Toilet Duck™ and other bathroom supplies. Jack likes the ladies unless they are dressed as nuns of which he seems to have a mortal fear. Jack’s years of alcohol abuse has meant that his personal hygiene habits have suffered and he is usually seen with spots and scabs, matted hair and dirty clothes.

2. Lord Flashheart – Blackadder

Loud, brash and one hell of a ladies man, the character of Flashheart appears in two episodes of the popular BBC sitcom Blackadder and is played brilliantly by Rik Mayall. His first appearance was a brief one in Blackadder 2 where he rides in as Blackadder’s best man for his impending wedding to a woman called Kate, who he originally thought was a boy named Bob. He arrives tardily for the nuptials and is shocked when he learns that the pusillanimous Lord Percy has taken his place, wasting no time he grabs his replacement by the tunic and throws him through the doors. He then proceeds to flirt outrageously with the Queen, Nursie and even Baldrick (who is the bridesmaid and is dressed thus) leading him to utter the enduring line “thanks bridesmaid. Like the beard. Gives me something to hold onto.” He then proceeds to steal the bride away from Blackadder and they disappear leaving Lord Melchet to ask Blackadder if he would like to continue the tradition of the jilted groom marrying the bridesmaid.

Flashheart appears once more in Blackadder Goes Forth but this time he is involved more
substantially with the storyline. Appearing in the episode entitled “Private
Plane”, Flashheart is a World War One flying ace, one of the Royal Flying
Corp’s top men in both, flying and “top level shagging”. He crashes his
bi-plane on top of the trench occupied by Captain Blackadder, Baldrick and
Lieutenant George, Blackadder is less than impressed by Flashheart’s vanity and
sense of self-importance and takes an instant dislike of him, telling him that
all the other soldiers despise him and they would rather meet the man who
cleans the public lavatories in Aberdeen. In retaliation Flashheart punches
Blackadder to the ground and from then on names him, “Captain slackbladder”,
however when Blackadder and Baldrick later join the Flying Corp and are taken
prisoner after being downed behind enemy lines he mounts a rescue mission with
Lieutenant George.

  1. Super Hans – Peep Show

This character is probably one of the most underrated supporting characters of any British sitcom of the past 30 years, was written with Russell Brand in mind but is played with startling brilliance by Matt King. Peep Show the award winning Channel Four sitcom that allows us to hear the inner monologues of its two main characters Mark and Jeremy, features a number of recurring supporting characters of which Super Hans is often the scene stealer. Super Hans is Jeremy’s friend and he does not get on very well with Mark who he see’s as being stuffy and uptight, however, he is not a very good friend to Jeremy either and their opinions often differ causing clashes. He is morally corrupt and is a heavy drug user who will try anything in order to get high when there are no recreational drugs available. He becomes addicted to crack cocaine after trying it once which leads him to utter the immortal line “that crack is really Moorish!” One episode see’s Super Hans trying to kick the whole drug taking habit by giving up everything “from the PCP’s to the Latte’s” but his cold turkey method fails and he is soon back on the drugs.


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