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 10. Patrick Jane – The Mentalist

Jane is a former psychic and medium who now uses his talents to help the fictional California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to capture criminals, whilst at the same time hunting down the serial killer “Red John”, who murdered Jane’s wife and daughter.

9. Jonathan Creek

Another crime fighter who uses his skills and expertise to help solve crimes, Jonathan Creek lives in a windmill and works as a creative consultant to magician Adam Klaus, thinking up new magic routines for his shows. Jonathan uses his ability at lateral thinking to help solve crimes and correct miscarriages of justice.

 8. Sledge Hammer

Inspired by the no-nonsense approach of Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry, Sledge Hammer is the San Francisco cop who gets the job done by blowing up buildings and using is .44 Magnum for everything from catching criminals to opening beer bottles.

7. Luther

Luther (played brilliantly by Idris Elba) is a brilliant detective who has a troubled personal life that often clashes with his job. When he finds out that his estranged wife has been seeing someone else he ends up being arrested after smashing up her home. However, his analytical mind often compensates for his lack of subtlety and helps him to bring criminals to justice.

 6. Stuart McCall – The Equalizer

This former CIA operative uses all his expertise and experience to help the most vulnerable of New York’s society when he sets himself up as a freelance trouble-shooter. Often working for free to help those being stalked or victimised by individuals, crime lords and big corporations alike. He is still in contact with his former boss (known only as “control”) and some of his ex-CIA colleagues who he often enlists for surveillance or “baby-sitting” duties.

5. Fox Mulder & Dana Scully – The X-Files

The FBI’s official paranormal investigators, Mulder and Scully were brought together by the bureau’s hierarchy, Mulder had been working on the X-Files for sometime and Scully was paired with him to monitor his actions, before succumbing to the intricacies of the cases being investigated.

 4. Tommy Murphy – Murphy’s Law

Another of those cops who’s difficult personal life often affects their work, but like Luther (see above) his brilliance at his job means that he is a valuable crime fighting assets. A former officer in Northern Ireland, Murphy’s daughter was killed by the IRA in retaliation to his failure to drive a car bomb into a local army barracks. This memory often comes back to haunt him and in one episode (The Group) he comes face to face with the man who is supposed to have killed his daughter, but given the chance to pull the trigger he has a crisis of conscience. Murphy’s brilliance is his ability to work undercover in a variety of roles and he has the talent and the personality to get himself out of some tricky situations.

3. Gene Hunt – Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes

The “Gene genie” is one of the best cops on television in recent years and is played to perfection by Philip Glenister. DCI Gene Hunt is the stereotypical 1970’s hard-nosed, hard-drinking, womanising policeman based on such characters as Jack Regan from the Sweeney.

He thinks nothing of using brute force and rule breaking in order to gain a confession out of the criminals he catches.

 2. Dr. Edward ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald – Cracker

The brilliant psychologist Dr. Fitzgerald helps the Police to “crack” difficult criminal cases by getting inside the minds of the criminals and breaking their wall of silence. The epitome of the anti-hero, Fitz is addicted to gambling, drinks too much, smokes too much and is unfaithful to his wife. Yet he is at his best when working with the Police and this helps him to focus his mind for good rather than falling back into his hard-drinking and gambling ways.

1. Columbo

Peter Falk’s dishevelled detective, Lieutenant Columbo often comes across as a bumbling chaotic character but this is just a veil for his brilliant analytical mind. He often knows who the murderer is early on and then spends the time following them around, hassling them and making them feel uncomfortable. This helps them to make a fatal mistake or lapse in concentration that incriminates themselves, he also gives the impression that he is not too bright, allowing the murderer to think that their superior intellect will help them to escape justice.


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